Communicate: There are 5 types of MARKETING a martial arts school –or any business entity –can do:

  1. Telepathic marketing. This is where YOU know your benefits, and you seek to communicate them to potential members / customers thru your powers of mental telepathy. How’s that working?
  2. Dumbass marketing. You do it, it degrades your image, you look (and are) dumb for doing it. Like that guy in the chicken suit (unless, perhaps, you sell chickens?).
  3. Good marketing. Anyone can and will do it –without much experience, without much thought. Like FACEBOOK LIVE for example.
  4. Great marketing. Takes some brains, steps, and connections. Not for the inexperienced newbie, unless he ow she is smart.
  5. Ingenious marketing. It’s brilliant communication, it’s aimed at a large audience, it’s multi-step stuff executed by a professional.

In this 60 second video, I talk about Charles Dickens and how YOU communicate to your community. After watching it, you could –AND SHOULD –call me (530-903-0286 or SKYPE as tomcallos) about membership in my program “The Community.” Or, you may use this pass for a 7 day trial:

I coach instructors in the art of explaining what they do, why they do it, and in how to communicate the PROOF that they do what they promise they can do. It’s simple enough, but often involves some growth and thought on the part of the owner him or herself.