The “facade” is what something appears to be –on the exterior.

Building a credible facade for your school involves saying / advertising the right words, constructing a credible “store-front,” having a snazzy website, and looking like an authority.

For example:

We all know schools that advertise that they “teach” self-defense, but beyond the facade –the truth is that they actually know very little about self-defense. ¬†And/or the “self-defense” they claim to teach is a remarkably small segment of what self-defense is –or could / should be.

If you want your community to respect you for your ability to teach self-defense, you must go beyond the facade of the subject. Everyone can put up a facade, but your job is to go deeper.

Your job is to teach a kind of self-defense that is relevant to today’s world. What hurts people? What kills them in today’s world? Is food involved? Do we suffer more if we have a particular point of view, attitude, or outlook? Does the extinction of species of animals or the clear-cutting of forests or the degredation of waterways or the proliferation of nuclear weapons have ANYTHING to do with self-defense?

Is personal health, meditation, mindfulness, kindness, compassion, connection, community engagement, forgiveness, non-violent conflict resolution, education, literacy, and/or anger management connected, in ANY way, to personal well-being, protection, happiness, and self-defense –in the world as it is TODAY?

Going deeper isn’t a “marketing strategy,” it is the master’s journey. It is looking at life differently than others, going farther, looking more deeply, investigating, doing more thorough research, and completely immersing yourself in the material –so that upon your return from this adventure you can share what you’ve learned, authentically, with conviction, and so that you are certain that you’ve gone beyond the easy-to-show facade of expertise.

This process is what builds genuine VALUE in your work. It gives you a level of confidence –and a sense of mission –that the less knowledgable teacher, the lazy or undisciplined or inadequately trained teacher won’t have. Going beyond the facade gives you the confidence to write about, talk about, and broadcast credible and meaningful info to your community in a quantity and level of quality that anyone with less experience won’t be able to replicate.

Someone may enjoy a temporary kind of success with a well constructed facade –but true and meaningful long-term success comes from being TRUE, being authentic, and having the confidence, the level of expertise, that allows you to go deep, to get to the core of the work.

Don’t be a half-assed teacher, unless you want a half-assed level of success in your career. Go the extra mile.

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