I’m Tom Callos (Phone or text at 530-903-0286, Skype at tomcallos). I started learning, studying, and practicing the martial arts in 1971. I opened my first school in 1980 –and then owned and operated 2 schools in my town for nearly 20 years –that at their peak taught 800 students WEEKLY. In 1994 I retired, moved to Hawaii, and opened a little school there in Hilo so that I could, myself, stay in shape and practicing. Tom Callos Keenan Cornelius Jiu Jitsu Business advice

One of my first students was BJ Penn. Both my sons are black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shannone Callos in Reno and Keenan Cornelius, now living in San Diego California. I am currently a 7th dan in Taekwondo and a brown belt in BJJ under Gustavo Enriquez of Rocklin, CA.

For more than 20 years now I’ve been working on-line and via various companies, seminars, and clinics –as a consultant to martial arts school owners and teachers. I promote intelligent, substantive, and pragmatic marketing and management –and I avoid, like the plague, sleazy, sell-out, formulaic sales, marketing, and management garbage so often promoted as “good ideas and best practices” in the martial arts community.

Presently, I have an easy to use, affordable, and I think BRILLIANT company in the form of an on-line program called THE COMMUNITY. The Community is a place where I post almost-daily reports about things school owners, teachers, and their staff members must know, absorb, and put into practice (just like we teach the martial arts –consistent, on-going practice of the basics). In addition, all members have the opportunity to meet with me in video chat to discuss their own plans, actions, and results. There is no better way for me to help people than to interact with them when they need or want help.

The Community, Martial Arts Business Consulting

Get a free 5 day membership in The Community and a complimentary video chat business meeting by clicking this LINK –or if you’re so inclined, call me at 530-903-0286. The COST for membership in The Community is only $3 to $5 a day, depending on how you choose to pay. VERY affordable.

Through this method I get to deliver the smartest and most ethical, useful, and action-oriented business and management advice in the martial arts world –without travel, without seminar fees, and in small and daily ways that don’t take up your time unnecessarily, that doesn’t ask you to sit for hours in meeting rooms, that you can access night or day, share with staff, and interact with, and that won’t be setting you up for an up-sell, ask you to sign a contract for XX dollars, or otherwise insult your intelligence.

Reach out to me, if you’re ready, and I’ll help you with your work. If you’re willing to work, I’m ready to help.