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Take 5 For Education, Flash Cards to Introduce Young People to Real Heroes

One of my most favorite projects / accomplishments, was the production of 12 flashcards sold in a set, each measuring 11 x 14 —on the front of each card were pictures of famous creators, inventors, and activists —and on the back of each one was a short bio and biographical information, quotes, “notes of interest,” and question-prompts to quiz students about what they heard / learned about the person.

The 12 cards in the set featured Rosa Parks, The Wright Brothers, Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, Alexander Graham Bell, Frank Lloyd Wright, Margaret Mead, Marie Curie, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Through repeated exposure to the images and information, students would eventually be able to identify and know something about these highly accomplished people —thus bringing them into their “circle of friends.”

The point of the project was to emphasize that an important aspect, oft overlooked, of SELF DEFENSE was to be mindful (careful) of who you spent your time with —as your friends can have a profound impact on what you think, your goals, point of view, and beliefs.

The project was part of TAKE 5 for EDUCATION, where I helped martial arts instructors give better, smarter “mat chats” to their impressionable young students.

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