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Tom Callos is a martial arts school business and management consultant, a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a retired multiple school owner who helps the martial arts industry, school owners, instructors, and their staff members to execute and manage their work more profitably, ethically, and intelligently. 

Mr. Callos help owners learn to articulate and broadcast their unique benefits, helps them (when needed) to build unique and value-based curriculum, helps them learn how to manage their schools in ways that define the best-of-the-best practices in the international martial arts community. Tom is well known taking stands on ethical issues within the martial arts community --and has often spoken out against unfair practices, contractual tomfoolery, unsubstantiated instructor claims, formulaic marketing, and issues of consumer protection.   

Marketing, staff-training, money management, curriculum, and all issues involving the successful management of a martial arts schools and/or organization, are Tom Callos' specialties. 

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Things You Should Know About The Ultimate Black Belt Test 2018

Sketch by artist Robert Phelps of Florida. 

Sketch by artist Robert Phelps of Florida. 

The Ultimate Black Belt Test isn't a 1 year black belt test. It's a self-imposed 1 year goal setting program that allows black belts a chance to be awarded a new level of rank, if they're eligible and if they actually want to earn new rank. Many who participate in the UBBT are not yet eligible, time and experience wise, or choose to join but don't want to use the program to advance in belt rank. 

In the UBBT, Time wise, a 1st degree black belt isn't eligible to test for 2nd for 2 to 4 years of training after their last test. Second to 3rd, 3 to 6 years. Third to 4th, 3 to 6 years. Fourth to 5th, 5 to 10 years --and so on. 

I have often thought that the true ULTIMATE test of a black belt would be to take the UBBT and absolutely ace all of the requirements --and then fail the test. It would be at that juncture where we might discover what the all the training has done for the mind and attitude of the participant. We would learn a lot from someone who could go through that and still say, "Thank you,"  and MEAN IT. I don't think most people could do it; a participant would really have to be an extraordinary person to turn a failure like that into a victory. 

Every black belt who has joined the UBBT that failed to tell his or her students what they promised to do, who failed to keep his or her students informed of and engaged in the work, has failed to finish the test. If you don't tell those around you what you're doing, what you're setting out to do, and that there is absolutely no quitting the process --then you can't lose face when you quit, despite your promises not to. 

You should tell everyone --and tell them you aren't allowed to quit once you begin. In a field of work (teaching the martial arts) where one can only fail to succeed --by quitting, the teacher can't do the same; he or she must show students how NOT to quit, even when something is very hard to do. 

The UBBT is made up, in part, of the unknown and unexpected. Sometimes I don't even know what's going to happen --and I'm the originator and Team Coach for the project. Coping with the unexpected is a part of the process. Our philosophy is: Whatever happens, happens for a reason --and not only does it serve us, but we turn every single situation, any and every negative --into something beautiful. 

Want more info on the UBBT? Call or text Coach Tom Callos at 530-903-0286. 


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