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Tom Callos is a martial arts school business and management consultant, a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a retired multiple school owner who helps the martial arts industry, school owners, instructors, and their staff members to execute and manage their work more profitably, ethically, and intelligently. 

Mr. Callos help owners learn to articulate and broadcast their unique benefits, helps them (when needed) to build unique and value-based curriculum, helps them learn how to manage their schools in ways that define the best-of-the-best practices in the international martial arts community. Tom is well known taking stands on ethical issues within the martial arts community --and has often spoken out against unfair practices, contractual tomfoolery, unsubstantiated instructor claims, formulaic marketing, and issues of consumer protection.   

Marketing, staff-training, money management, curriculum, and all issues involving the successful management of a martial arts schools and/or organization, are Tom Callos' specialties. 

Read Tom Callos is a blog Tom uses to communicate with and to people who take the practice of the martial arts very seriously, be they teachers of karate, taekwondo, judo, aikido, mma, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or what-have-you. 


The Ultimate Black Belt Test (UBBT) is a project where martial arts teachers construct, most often with my help, a "test" that they put themselves thru over the course of a year or longer. A year, 12 solid months, is the minimum amount of time required for the UBBT process, but for someone testing for 4th to let's say 8th degree black belt, a participant might construct an on-going black belt test that lasts 4, 5, 6 or more years. 

The Ultimate Black Belt Test is, basically, how I think of my own work in the martial arts world --and beyond. Every year I challenge myself to grow, evolve, and think bigger, smarter, and more creatively about how being a martial arts master teacher works in and on the world he or she lives in. 

The UBBT is about experimenting with new ideas, creative pursuits, and non-traditional testing requirement that broaden our experiences, our knowledge, and that break down barriers between what is martial arts --and what is not. 

For me, art is martial art; science is martial art; environmental issues are martial art; eating and diet and food production is martial art; literacy and literature is martial art; peace is martial arts; understanding hyper-masculinity is martial art; and essentially, everything that isn't seen as martial art is martial art, to me, when you're seeking to take the lessons off the mats --and put it to work in the world. 

The UBBT 2018 begins January 1, 2018 --and ends in January of 2019. We'll be meeting in-person twice during the year, once in Portland Oregon at Aim High Martial Arts (one of the largest not-for-profit schools in America), and once in Los Angeles, CA for our graduation. 

If you'd like more info on the what, why, and how of the UBBT, feel free to text or phone me at 530-903-0286 (Pacific time zone). 

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