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Tom Callos is a martial arts school business and management consultant, a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a retired multiple school owner who helps the martial arts industry, school owners, instructors, and their staff members to execute and manage their work more profitably, ethically, and intelligently. 

Mr. Callos help owners learn to articulate and broadcast their unique benefits, helps them (when needed) to build unique and value-based curriculum, helps them learn how to manage their schools in ways that define the best-of-the-best practices in the international martial arts community. Tom is well known taking stands on ethical issues within the martial arts community --and has often spoken out against unfair practices, contractual tomfoolery, unsubstantiated instructor claims, formulaic marketing, and issues of consumer protection.   

Marketing, staff-training, money management, curriculum, and all issues involving the successful management of a martial arts schools and/or organization, are Tom Callos' specialties. 

Read Tom Callos is a blog Tom uses to communicate with and to people who take the practice of the martial arts very seriously, be they teachers of karate, taekwondo, judo, aikido, mma, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or what-have-you. 

Martial Arts Teachers, Be Mindful of Your Most Important Power: The Right Words at the Right Time.

Every single student you come in contact with is an individual with unknown yet enormous potential to do good, to inspire others, to care, to help others, to invent and create, and to carry on --and advance --the very teachings that caused you, the teacher, to dedicate all (or part) of your life to passing on the things you love about the work --and life. 

Be mindful of how you interact with your students --be aware that one simple word or sentence can alter the course of their lives. A pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a suggestion that they're good at something, and/or praise for whatever they aspire to or are doing in their own lives; those things are your greatest gifts. 

Approach every class and/or event with that in mind --and be one of the (hopefully) many people who boost their esteem, who set examples of how to get sh** done, of how to overcome obstacles, and of how to be a giver, rather than just a taker. 

Encourage them to aim high, to be change-makers, and to take the highest road they can imagine, as all of the kicking, punching, and grappling isn't for the purpose of teaching them to fight, it's a delivery system for those things which make us more human, more compassionate, more resilient, and more able to help the world be a better, more peaceful, kinder, and healthier place.

And...I should add, I/we already know you're not a perfect instructor --or a perfect person. Your life, like mine, will be littered with low-points, of failures, and of things you probably shouldn't have done. Nevertheless, all of it, bad --and less than your best, doesn't diminish the fact that there will be many, many times and places where you find yourself in the perfect position to empower someone who is ready to be empowered. So...every morning, rise to the notion that you have an endless amount of potential to inspire others to be the better person you yourself are practicing/striving to be.