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The Boise Baren Company

The Boise Baren Company is a project designed by Tom Callos of We make glass barens for printmaking.

The Baren Named John Muir, Another Beautiful Boise Baren for Printmakers

The Boise Baren company makes beautiful and functional glass barens for people who take their printmaking seriously —and who like to make art with art. If you do linocut, Mokuhanga, woodblock relief printing or anything where a baren is used, look over our selection of barens on our ETSY Store (please and thank you).

The Boise Baren Company is a micro-enterprise that engages in the work of making beautiful things for an ever-so-small market.

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The Boise Glass Baren for Printmaking! Now On Sale!

The Boise Baren, a project of Tom Callos of, is a hand-blown glass baren for printmakers. A baren is used by relief printers, that is people who make prints using woodblocks or linoleum (Lino) or other materials. The baren presses the ink, by hand, on to or into the paper covering an ink blocked. The Boise Baren is a small “micro-company” dedicated to making beautiful barens for people fanatical about making beautiful things.

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