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The Boise Baren Company

The Boise Baren Company is a project designed by Tom Callos of We make glass barens for printmaking and printmakers, whether for wood block, lino or linocut, or any form of relief printing done by hand.

The Boise Baren Company, Unique Glass Barens for Printmaking

Examples of my first 2 Boise Barens. We’ve 20 more we’re making right now, we’ll keep you posted.

A Baren is a tool printmakers use to press paper onto inked blocks, by hand. The pressure the baren supplies is dictated by the pressure the artist puts on the tool —and the weight of the baren itself. Rubbing the barren on top of the paper causes the inked block, be it wood, linoleum, or vinyl, to deliver its ink to the waiting wet or dry paper.

One day I happened upon some beautifully ornate round glass paperweights in a shop in Boise —and decided I was going to make some barens out of glass —not just to produce a functional tool, but to make barens that contained color, vitality, and some artful style.

That’s how The Boise Baren Company was born. More to come.