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The Boise Baren Company

The Boise Baren Company is a project designed by Tom Callos of We make glass barens for printmaking and printmakers, whether for wood block, lino or linocut, or any form of relief printing done by hand.

Boise Barens, Each a Little (Or a Lot) Different, For Printmakers Who Just Love Beautiful Things

Boise Barens are sold only on ETSY, here:

A Boise Baren is a hand-blown glass object for printers. printmakers, and other artists who work with paper and ink —and who do their printing by hand. They’re made in the beautiful river city of Boise, Idaho —and the owner of the “micro” company is Tom Callos:

“I like small batch making, things that aren’t mass produced, and things that show the hand of the artist. After living for 15 years on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the Sierra, and now in glorious and majestic Idaho, I also love light, lakes, the ocean, the jungle and forest, and all the colors of North America’s mountains —which I work into the work we do at Boise Baren. I don’t have to make a fortune from this little company, I’m retired and loving life. What I am compelled to do is make individual objects of beauty and function —and make them available to people who appreciate that sort of thing.”

If you work with paper, make prints, use linocut of woodblock or vinyl to carve, if you press your paper to any kind of inked block to make a relief for intaglio print, you might enjoy doing some of it with one of these richly colorful glass barens.