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The Boise Baren Company

The Boise Baren Company is a project designed by Tom Callos of We make glass barens for printmaking and printmakers, whether for wood block, lino or linocut, or any form of relief printing done by hand.

The Boise Glass Baren Company! Look at These Barens Displayed on Light Boxes!

Yes, yes, yes…Boise Barens are beautiful —and then you put one, any one of them on a light box or stand…and BOOM! You can buy your own Boise Baren by seeing what we currently have in stock, at

If you are a printmaker, be it linocut, wood block, or what have you, a Boise Baren used in your own printmaking process, full of light and art-joy, might just be the cat’s meow.

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