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The Boise Baren Company

The Boise Baren Company is a project designed by Tom Callos of We make glass barens for printmaking and printmakers, whether for wood block, lino or linocut, or any form of relief printing done by hand.

New Baren Photos from Boise Barens. Barens Made of Blown Glass, for Printers and Printmakers.

The Boise Baren Company is located in Boise, Idaho —of course. We design and make one-of-a-kind handblown glass barens for linocut, woodblock, and any and all forms of relief printing. We work to make beautiful art —that doubles as a useful and effective tool for printmakers who like cool, handsome, useful things. We sell on ETSY at this link (to see out current inventory):

Do you NEED a Boise Baren —or any glass baren for that matter? No, probably not. Do you want one? Would you like the weight of one on your paper? Yes, we think so. For me, as a printmaker (one of my prints in the image below), I like a clean glass surface, great inks that do what you want them to do, razor-sharp tools to carve with, and a baren that feels good, works perfectly, and makes me feel good.

That’s the Boise Baren Company! We’re a small batch maker —a company that’s not out to make a living, but IS out to make beautiful objects for printmakers.

One of my prints: