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Tom Callos Artwork Portfolio

Tom Callos’ linocut art portfolio. A 50 year martial artist turns to making art to express in the world, what he’s learned from being on the mats.

New Martial Arts Style Series, Art in Linocut by Tom Callos

I’ve been working on a series of martial arts style action-portraits, for the fun of it —and to experiment with color and creative mounting. Some are available on my ETSY store at

They’re linocuts that I’ve trimmed and re-mounted on 11 x 14 Strathmore paper. I’ve used this method for the stark contrast and “look” the method provides. I’ve used various shades of Prussian Blue ink, in from 3 to 5 layers, to provide contrast. So far I’ve done aikido, Taekwondo, wushu (not shown here), India’s martial art Kalaripayattu, and judo. See these and other prints at

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